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8 hours on T

Thank you all for being so damn awesome and supportive!



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Making Lists

Lists are good for organizing. This is my very rough not-so-mental list of pros and cons of testosterone. Here it goes.


– It would make passing wayyyy easier. Not as many strange looks and questions.

– Lower voice. Right now, I get all high pitched when I’m nervous or on the phone (so basically most of the time).

– The age thing might not be such a surprise to people.

– Body Changes, hopefully for the better.

* No more babyface.

* Definitive muscle mass.


– Hair and acne that I don’t need more of (they’re already bad enough). Also, I’m really not a fan of facial hair and having to shave it off all the time.

– Money I don’t have.

– Conforming 100% is not my cup of tea.

– Potential loss of singing voice (ok, so it’s not that big of a deal).

– I’d have to tell my family. As of now, they know nothing.

My mind is a very conflicted one (more so than usual). I could potentially figure out a way to deal with all of the cons (most of them are revolving around the fact that I need to get some guts) so that they could go on the pros list. But at the same time I could say that most of these items are completely vain, which is dumb. And then I start at the beginning again. Tra la la. This is how my brain works. So, in conclusion, I’m sitting here eating cookies.

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