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Update: Spring 09

Ok. I will admit that I have been rather bad about posting lately. Lots of stuff is going on. Some good things, some bad things. Ya know. Life.

-Finally out of debt to my mother. That took a load (and about $4,000) off my shoulders. In any case, it feels good.
-Got my Conch pierced. For free. Apparently it pays to just hang out in a tattoo shop.
-Earned some money and drum lessons in exchange for yard work (hence the massive amount of poison ivy).
-It is raining. A lot.
-Unfortunately, I had to sell my piano, which absolutely broke my heart.
-Almost everyone I know is going home/away for the summer. Lame.
-Had a picnic on the front porch today.
-Terribly behind on my reviews. Red Ripple, Throb, and Flexi Felix coming soon.
-I’m sure there were other things that I wanted to mention, but alas, it’s 2:30am and it is time for sleep.


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