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Once again, sorry about the extreme lack of posts (especially ones about sex/gender, the original point of the whole blog). I’m hoping to have some steadiness back in my life, so maybe then I’ll pick it back up again. Who knows?

But yeah! I got a job. I’m a theatre technician (lights, sound, stage management, etc.) for a theater in San Francisco. This has basically been what I’ve wanted to do since, well, forever, so to say the least, I’m thrilled. Officially, I start Monday. Went in for some training yesterday and it seems like a really cool, laid back, and comfortable atmosphere. The hours are a little random and I might have to get a second job, but hell, I’m excited anyway.

I have begun the “nesting” process here in California. My housing situation is fantastic. I love my roommates, the location, the fresh fruits and veggies, and even the constant rain. And after 5 months of living here, I finally bought curtains. Yep. I’m home.

My new goal is to make some friends. I love hanging out with Roxy and I love the people I live with, but it’s time to branch out a bit. With a little coaching from Roomie #1, I made an OkCupid account. So, I’m using that to initiate conversations and such, instead of awkwardly going to bars and not talking to anyone. A new year calls for a new approach. If I were to start dating someone, I’d like to be their friend first instead of just jumping their bones automatically, and we all know how well that’s worked in the past…

CORRECTION: OkCupid account has been deleted. Way Awkward (yes, with a capital A).

Also, I’m dipping my toes into the idea of starting T sometime soon. Right now, I’m doing my homework quite thoroughly about my options in this area. It will be really helpful having an income… We shall see.

Hmm. I feel like there was something else I should be talking about, but I can’t remember… Oh well.

Later alligator.



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