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Update: Spring 09

Ok. I will admit that I have been rather bad about posting lately. Lots of stuff is going on. Some good things, some bad things. Ya know. Life.

-Finally out of debt to my mother. That took a load (and about $4,000) off my shoulders. In any case, it feels good.
-Got my Conch pierced. For free. Apparently it pays to just hang out in a tattoo shop.
-Earned some money and drum lessons in exchange for yard work (hence the massive amount of poison ivy).
-It is raining. A lot.
-Unfortunately, I had to sell my piano, which absolutely broke my heart.
-Almost everyone I know is going home/away for the summer. Lame.
-Had a picnic on the front porch today.
-Terribly behind on my reviews. Red Ripple, Throb, and Flexi Felix coming soon.
-I’m sure there were other things that I wanted to mention, but alas, it’s 2:30am and it is time for sleep.

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So, you may have noticed that recently I’ve taken down my HNT’s. Yeahh. About that. I don’t know how I convinced myself in the first place to post any of those. I kinda feel dirty, in the bad way. Still not comfortable with my own body/self, and there won’t be any more till that magically happens one day. *shrugs*


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Today, kind of awesome things happened.

0. Went to see the doc. to refill a prescription. We had a lovely discussion about trans people and she said she’d call a bunch of gyn.s and find one that was just right for me. Love her to death.

1.  Took an incredibly long walk. It was gorgeous out.

2. Got to know my Acute a bit better. Squirted like a bitch.

3. Saw the beginings of a relationship in a coffee house. Indescribably sweet.

4. Hung out with a few old friends. Had really good pizza.

5. Saw a bunch of college kids wearing “love is love” shirts.

6. Saw a crazy lady on a pimped out valentines day bike.

7. Going to sleep, now.

8. Looking forward to lunch with my Grandmother tomorrow.

9. Also looking forward to seeing some theatre tomorrow. I miss it.


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Computer = ALL BETTER!!!

so now I can do my reviews and be happy. heh.

oh and I basically have a new apartment. just have to send in the security deposit. I get to live with this guy named Tom and he is a big nerd. yay.

oh and I might be an RA for a summer art camp at VCU. probably a bad idea putting me in charge of highschoolers. haha.

oh and I accidentally took off my shirt in the middle of a park today. there were leaves in it. I couldn’t help it. twas itchy.

good times.

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In other news…

Big Teaze Toys has offered to replace my Tuyo, because it was seriously defective. Therefore, I will be doing a follow up review when I get the new one. They’re so nice.

-Still unemployed. Ugh.

-Probably going back to Richmond to live on friends couches until I find a job or something like that.

-I could always just be a really awkward prostitute.

-Um… and nothing else really, except I’ve been eating an obscene amount of Reeses cups.

The end.


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Just Wondering


Who are you?

Where are you from?

Why do you read my blog?

Tell me one strange thing about you.


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