Top Picks

These are a few of my favorite things… you know, besides raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Genderific Things:

1. Underworks Tri-Top Binder #983: Comfy, effective, and doesn’t mush all your guts out (woo!).

2. Medium Packy: Just enough to not be awkward.

3. An Athens Boys Choir CD: Listen. Be happy.


1. Jaguar Harness by Aslan Leather: I cannot live without this. All hail the jag!


1. Hitachi Magic Wand: I can’t use my Hitachi cordless drill anymore without getting giddy. Amazing is an understatement for this vibe… *cough* I mean… back massager.

1. Laya Spot from Fun Factory: Small, adorable, fits nicely against the body (in most cases), good range of vibe patterns. OH! and it lights up. Note: It is not waterproof like most sites say it is. Splashproof, yes. Waterproof, absolutely not.


1. Pure Wand – Njoy: If you can save up your pennies, this is the greatest purchase you will make in your lifetime. I can’t even explain how fucking awesome it is. Mmmm stainless steel.

2. Goodfella – Vixen Creations: Great for packing and playing, realistic, and 100% silicone! Win.

3. Acute – Tantus: Small, but damn, it gets the job done. Also, 100% silicone AND it’s on sale pretty much all the time.

Books (Maybe this is a redundant list. I’m sure you’ve read these.):

1. Cunt, Inga Muscio: A book on loving the lady parts, feminism, and the word ‘cunt’.

2. Stone Butch Blues, Leslie Feinberg: A lot to think about. Made me grateful to live in the times that we do.

3. Getting Off, Jayme Waxman: Learn everything in the world about masturbation. The history, the controversy, the loveliness, etc.


4. Sex Toys 101, Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah: Good introduction to everything you really need to know about toys. (Mine might be autographed by Rachel… tee hee.)

5. In Me Own Words, Graham Roumieu: This is the autobiography of bigfoot and, oh man, its beyond wonderful.

And if you bleed:

The Diva Cup


2 responses to “Top Picks

  1. Have you ever tried any of the Fairy wands by Media-Craft Inc from Japan? I really got to the point where I found the Hitachi both excruciating and yet, at the same time, it wasn’t doing the trick. I think, in part, because of the large, basically inflexible head and the long, thick, uncomfortable handle, I found it unweildly and overwhelming since it was awkward for me (especially when I had worst-case scenario carpal tunnel) and I couldn’t direct the vibrations on one particular spot well. I mean, I know you CAN, but they still radiate throughout the rest of the genitalia. I have, what I guess they call a clit o’ steel, so you wouldn’t think the Hitachi would bother me, yet, I find it most unpleasant these days, especially when it doesn’t do the trick. And they’re not kidding when they say not to use it for more than 25 (?) minutes at a time… I’ve gotten excruciatingly sore and chafed (to the point of rubbing skin off and having mild bleeding), the heat from the wand gets insane (and I love temperature play – just not particularly from a corded/plugged in toy), and it begins to feel as if tiny sparks are being emitted on your clit/labia/etc, from the wand’s head – never a reassuring feeling from a corded/plugged in toy. So, I got a Pocket Fairy Mini (I think that’s the proper name – Pocket Fairy works too, lol). First, it’s rechargeable – yay! No more paranoia (sp?) about being plugged into a socket (yes, I know, I’m a bit of a worrywort, but given my experiences with the Hitachi, I don’t think there are many who’d blame me). Second, the head of the Pocket Fairy is TINY (though I’m ordering the Rechargeable Fairy today or tomorrow, which is much closer in size to the Hitachi, but still about 4 inches shorter, with a much more ergonomic-ish handle, and a probably good 7/10 or so inches less in diameter – when looking at actual to-scale size pics side-by-side, the difference is extremely noticeable). Also, all the Fairy wands have flexible heads (tightly coiled springs covered in rubber – which never slipped for me or even gave me the slightest indication it ever would, nor did I ever feel the spring was even the tiniest bit too loose). Another great thing about the Fairys are that out of the 6 models I’m aware of, 3 are rechargeable, and one can be plugged in or hooked up to a battery pack (that does take like 8 million and 12 batteries, granted) on a long cord. The Pocket Fairy and anything stronger than it (the Baby Fairy of course is not this strong) is actually over twice as strong as the Hitachi’s lowest setting (5000 rpms) and just under twice as strong as the Hitachi’s strongest setting (6000 rpms) at 11,000 rpms at its’ lower settings (though I’ve heard different numbers from different reviews, websites, etc, but the one thing they all agree on is that they most definitely go up to 11,000 rpms). Most of the Fairys also have a dial on the hand that allows for more precise control of the level of vibration, as opposed the Hitachi’s “holy shit” and “Jesus motherfucking Christ” switch settings. Now, I’m well aware you may have tried one or more of these and they may have been too strong or they may not have held the charge long enough for you (my Fairy held its charge for 2-4 hrs but some people claim that theirs have only lasted about 30 minutes or even less – though I think they must’ve gotten defective models) so I get it if it’s not the toy for you. However, if you haven’t given it a try, I highly recommend trying it out, as I <333 it, even though I've grown to hate the Hitachi, which is a weaker massager. I think the smaller head and the flexibility of the neck both allow for more pinpoint vibrations and maneuverability, which allow me to put it and keep it where it want it and move it in the ways that suit me best or something. And it never gets too hot or shoots sparks at me (or feels like it or whatever, lol). Anyway, just a thought, if it wasn't something you were aware of or had tried yet.

    Here’s a link all about the various Fairy wand massagers including links, vids, comparisons, & pics

    I think they can be bought probably almost anywhere, though they didn’t seem to have any at Babeland and only the Pocket Fairy Mini at (as well as some knockoffs that I wouldn’t expect the same results from). Though, if you did decide to try one, the nice thing about the Fairy Pocket Mini is it’s small and slim enough to fit between two bodies but way more than powerful enough to get the job done quickly during solo play. It’s (and it’s siblings) are also incredible orgasm control/forced orgasm toys. Okay, /end endorsement and babbling now. I swear I don’t work for the company or anything! I just REALLY REALLY love them! OH! One more thing (yes, I accidentally lie a lot about when I’m done babbling), they’re generally reasonably-priced – comparable to the Hitachi or less than, depending on the model. Okay, really /end babbling about Fairys now, but…

    I was also curious what you thought of the Nea? I noticed on your Toolbox page that you had one and I just got one and to be honest, especially as it’s my first Lelo product and they have so much hype concerning them, I’m a bit disappointed. I expected it to blow my mind, but I have much cheaper toys that can get me off much quicker. I’m hoping part 0f it is I just haven’t learned how to use it correctly with my anatomy yet, but still… I don’t know, it’s not bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s just meh compared to what I was expecting. Then again, as I said before, I’m beginning to learn I’m one of those “clit o’ steel” women. Le sigh. So be it.

    • Arron

      Dang! That’s quite the comment. For a minute there I did think you were from the company! Hah. And no, I’ve never tried the wand, except for playing around with it in Good Vibes. As for Nea, it’s never really done much of anything for me. Sad times. Clit o’ steel over here, too.

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