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Awkward Tranny Shrug

I’ve got the “awkward tranny shrug”. Everybody sees it as bad posture. Everybody tries to correct said posture. There’s actually a reason behind the madness, which most of the time I don’t explain. I hate, hate, hate having boobs. Therefore, I do this thing where I slouch a lot so that my shirt hangs down enough to hide the evidence. My back is definitely paying a terrible price for this. No fun. I would stand up straight if I could. I mean, technically I can, but mentally I absolutely cannot. Does that make sense?

Most of the time, I can pass as a boy. I like this fact. I would like it more if I could pass as a boy and stand up tall (ish). I’ve tried ace bandages. They hurt. I’ve tried wearing a hell of a lot of layers. It’s hot and then I look fat. Solution? There are two that I can think of right now…

Solution 1. Surgery. NO WAY I could afford that anytime soon. Eventually it would be nice. But not an option at the moment.

Solution 2. A binder. Still can’t afford it right now, but more reasonable.

I hate to ask (being a charity case is not my kind of thing), but if you have some spare change laying around, I would totally appreciate it to go towards getting a binder.

Link to the right. Click it if you wanna.

Love, peace, and cookies.




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