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This is what happens when I ask Ansley to put things away.




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Babeland Massage Oil Spray


I’d like to thank whoever created massage oil in a spray bottle. Seriously a brilliant idea! It’s beyond convenient. Many a time I’ve found myself covered in massage oil trying to open containers for more. It never works out well. A lot of dropping things and frustration. But when the oil is in a spray bottle, all you have to do is push down. Not a problem. This particular oil is quite nice as well. It’s not too oily and absorbs into your skin, therefore, leaving no gross residue. Very slick. Very silky. Very sweet. As for the scent, I got the lilac one and couldn’t stand it for very long. It was a bit overpowering. Actually, it reminds me of old ladies. Whatever. Great massage oil.

Five stars.


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Dynamic Duo


The Dynamic duo may look kind of cheap (I mean, the box did say ‘Adult Novelty Toy’ on it), but it’s vibrations prove to be quite a pleasant surprise. Each bullet is attached to the main console with an incredibly long detachable cord and they both have their own adjustment dials. I suppose they could come in handy for whatever position you find yourself in. But honestly, I couldn’t figure out what to do with them. Either you’d have to be completely still or keep a hand on them to keep them in the right place. I guess you’ll just have to be creative. The only thing I could really complain about would be the lack of AA batteries around my house. I had to steal batteries from my TV remote and my CD player for this baby. Otherwise, I’d recommend this to the clever and crafty, who I’m sure could make this work.

Three stars.


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Hitachi Magic Wand

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Athens Boys

If you didn’t know, yesterday was Transgendered Rememberance Day.

Last night I was lucky enought to see the Athens Boys Choir AND I got to meet Katz and hang out with him for a bit after the show. It was absolutely amazing. He made a huge impact on me. I could go on and on forever. Moreso, it was really nice to see someone speaking out for transgendered people for once, especially in a town so closeminded as mine (oh VA you are so dissapointing). Today he will be doing a discussion group for highschoolers, and I will be pretending to be in high school. Hah.

Here is a video.

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0. Visit with Ansley was absolutely perfect because she is absolutely perfect.

1. Tattoo is healing nicely. It is dreadfully cute.

2. Organizing her secret santa. Be cool. Sign up.

3. Drugs have stopped making me nauseous, but in exchange, have made me sexually frustrated.

4. Getting back into being crafty.

5. Going to visit Ansley next week for Thanksgiving and my birthday. Therefore, I will be making a lot of pie.

6. Wearing lots of plaid. Gay, gay, gay.

7. Am unemployed, once again. But on the up side, gives me an excuse to move away. Philly, here I come.


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To enter Ansley’s wonderful secret santa xxxchange, please email me (erin.leone at yahoo dot com) with your mailing address (if you actually want your gifts to be delivered). The only rule is that gifts must be under $20. Simple, huh? Oh yeah, and the deadline is December 5th. After that, I’ll be emailing you back with the name and shipping info of your secret blogger. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or Ansley.

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