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Afterglow Candle

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Get your own Afterglow Candle [HERE.]


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Babeland Massage Oil Spray


I’d like to thank whoever created massage oil in a spray bottle. Seriously a brilliant idea! It’s beyond convenient. Many a time I’ve found myself covered in massage oil trying to open containers for more. It never works out well. A lot of dropping things and frustration. But when the oil is in a spray bottle, all you have to do is push down. Not a problem. This particular oil is quite nice as well. It’s not too oily and absorbs into your skin, therefore, leaving no gross residue. Very slick. Very silky. Very sweet. As for the scent, I got the lilac one and couldn’t stand it for very long. It was a bit overpowering. Actually, it reminds me of old ladies. Whatever. Great massage oil.

Five stars.


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