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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Trot on down to Tabu Toys for your very own Snugglepuss and other toys that may tickle your fancy!




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Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Moving Gaily Forward

Welcome to my new home. Please adjust your blogrolls and links and whatnot. Also, if we’ve been in contact through email, I have changed my email address, as well. Feel free to shoot me a message at arronleone AT gmail DOT com. Don’t worry though, I’ll still be checking all of my previous emails/blogs/whatnot for a while until things settle down with the changes.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Pleasurists #29

Image by Autumn Sonnichsen Photography found via The Alexa Collection

Pleasurists is your round-up of the adult product reviews that came out in the last seven days from bloggers all around the sex blogosphere. Did you miss Pleasurists #28? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #30? Submit it here before Sunday May 25th at 11:59pm PDT. Please re-post this list on your own blog if listed.

Want to win some free swag? All you’ve got to do is enter.

Madame Editrix
Scarlet Lotus St.Syr

On to the reviews…

Editor’s Pick

  • The Five-Contact Spark Plug, from Huse by Themistokles
  • To find the kind of inventor who cares enough to think things through, you need to look past the mainstream. Leave the well-trod paths behind, and explore the odd little shops where the master artisans do their work.

    The Five-Contact Spark Plug is that kind of masterpiece.

    Rupert Huse, who designed the Spark Plug, was clearly thinking about female anatomy and erotic response.

    Editor’s Note: I’m fascinated with Electrosex and both this review and Themistokles’ other review this week deals directly with it, not only does this review give great information about the toy at hand it also talks about other similar items from other companies by comparison and is generally well written and enticing. Loved it!



Anal Toys

Toys for Cocks

Lube, Bath Stuff, & etc.


Adult Books

Adult Movies/Porn


Pleasurists adult product review round-up banner

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Sexy Blogger? Me?

Well damn! Thanks Dee and Sweetspiced!


Mmmkay, now down to business. In exchange for this award, I must repost, list 5 “sexy” things about myself, and then nominate 4 others to do the same.

1. My collarbones. There’s just something about the visibility of those two bones that is super attractive to me. Just a reminder of what we’re really made of.

2. When my teeth sink into your skin.

3. When I’m pinning you to the floor.

4. My hands are magical.

5. Leg hair? It’s fun to pet? (I couldn’t think of anything else, sorry.)

My Nominations:

1. SxyChickadee: She’s really freakin’ sexy (hence the name, right?).

2. Panthera Pardus likes to spank and is pretty sexy, too.

3. Essin’ Em = sexy + super smart.

4. Kyle and his stories and butchness are quite the sexy time, as well.

and one more because I can’t help myself.

5. Jezebelle is sexy too. I mean, look at those HNT’s.

The rest of you are equally sexy. I wish I could have listed you all. Maybe one day that will happen. ❤


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Trick Belt

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Pros: Freakin’ awesome idea. Can be used on wrists, ankles, and some thighs.
Cons: Watch out if you have metal allergies!

You know you want one.

For 10% off, enter the coupon code LUBE. Hooray for discounts.


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