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983 Binder

Vodpod videos no longer available.


And if you want to see my older post about the 997, click here.



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This is one very happy flat chest!!! Once again, all the thanks in the world for ToyGirl (for her generous donation) and to the rest of you for your support.

And now for a before and after. The before picture is super old (luckily I’m wearing the same shirt). Aparently I don’t have any pictures from the last year with my chest included. So here we go.





oh this is fantastic.

PS: this is Underworks model 997


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Awkward Tranny Shrug

I’ve got the “awkward tranny shrug”. Everybody sees it as bad posture. Everybody tries to correct said posture. There’s actually a reason behind the madness, which most of the time I don’t explain. I hate, hate, hate having boobs. Therefore, I do this thing where I slouch a lot so that my shirt hangs down enough to hide the evidence. My back is definitely paying a terrible price for this. No fun. I would stand up straight if I could. I mean, technically I can, but mentally I absolutely cannot. Does that make sense?

Most of the time, I can pass as a boy. I like this fact. I would like it more if I could pass as a boy and stand up tall (ish). I’ve tried ace bandages. They hurt. I’ve tried wearing a hell of a lot of layers. It’s hot and then I look fat. Solution? There are two that I can think of right now…

Solution 1. Surgery. NO WAY I could afford that anytime soon. Eventually it would be nice. But not an option at the moment.

Solution 2. A binder. Still can’t afford it right now, but more reasonable.

I hate to ask (being a charity case is not my kind of thing), but if you have some spare change laying around, I would totally appreciate it to go towards getting a binder.

Link to the right. Click it if you wanna.

Love, peace, and cookies.



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