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Update 11.20.09

-After filling out about a million sheets of paper, I now can have doctors appointments and prescriptions for $5. This makes me very happy. Usually, I’m terrified of going into any medical building, but this place was super friendly, and I really felt like they cared (which is rare for any kind of clinic, especially one for low/no income folks). My blood pressure was a bit high, but that might have just been from my nerves and the very cute nurse that was administered to me. Apparently, I’ve gained a lot of weight and the lymph nodes in my neck are swollen (have to get some blood work done here soon)? But yeah, two hours later I walked out of the clinic with my medicine in my hand. Hopefully the real me will come back soon.

-Wednesday, I co-taught a class on gender/transgender issues. Only three people showed up (turned out to be a diverse crowd though), but I feel like they all got a lot out of it. Need to start somewhere, right? Actually, the conversation was quite productive and they even got a little riled up about trans rights, society, respect, labels, and all that good stuff. I’m thinkin’ the next class will have more people in attendance.

We discussed passing in depth. You wouldn’t think about it normally, but social constructs (yes, even in the LGBTQA communities) force everyone to pass in their own different way.

A few examples:

1. A bio-woman is often mistaken for a man, since she is tall and has short hair. She wears long dangly earrings to avoid this situation. Passing as a more feminine presence.

2. An asexual tries to avoid talking about their asexual status by passing as heterosexual.

3. A bisexual is in a heterosexual marriage. She passes as heterosexual, not on purpose, but since society likes to make assumptions.

4. A boy likes to make baked goods. He hides this fact from his friends in order to pass as masculine.

This got me thinking a bit more about it. Why do we have to pass? What are we passing as? Can’t people stop making assumptions? Why must we be shoved in categorized boxes? And even when we’re in these boxes, why are we still ridiculed and ostracized? Why do people consistently feel the need to live up to these imaginary/binary standards of man and woman, gay and lesbian, etc.  Are we all really that spineless?

Anyway, there’s a lot more from where that came from, but for now I’m immersing myself in books. And I swear, reviews are coming soon.


And just in case you forgot, today is Trangender Remembrance Day. Take a minute. Think about it.



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Awkward Tranny Shrug

I’ve got the “awkward tranny shrug”. Everybody sees it as bad posture. Everybody tries to correct said posture. There’s actually a reason behind the madness, which most of the time I don’t explain. I hate, hate, hate having boobs. Therefore, I do this thing where I slouch a lot so that my shirt hangs down enough to hide the evidence. My back is definitely paying a terrible price for this. No fun. I would stand up straight if I could. I mean, technically I can, but mentally I absolutely cannot. Does that make sense?

Most of the time, I can pass as a boy. I like this fact. I would like it more if I could pass as a boy and stand up tall (ish). I’ve tried ace bandages. They hurt. I’ve tried wearing a hell of a lot of layers. It’s hot and then I look fat. Solution? There are two that I can think of right now…

Solution 1. Surgery. NO WAY I could afford that anytime soon. Eventually it would be nice. But not an option at the moment.

Solution 2. A binder. Still can’t afford it right now, but more reasonable.

I hate to ask (being a charity case is not my kind of thing), but if you have some spare change laying around, I would totally appreciate it to go towards getting a binder.

Link to the right. Click it if you wanna.

Love, peace, and cookies.



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Field Trip: Gynecologist

Today, I will be ranting about going to the gynecologist. Be warned.

My periods and I are not friends at all. Basically I have these earth-shattering cramps that make me throw up and pass out, combined with stomach angryness. Oh it’s a good time.

Last time I went to the gyn. she just told me to take advil. My regular doctor also told me to take advil. ADVIL DOESN’T WORK FOR THIS!

I’m not a fan of having people look at my vag. but I figured it would be better to get checked out rather than to be in the fetal position on the bathroom floor crying every month. So today, I sauntered on in to the office, signed in and all that, and proceeded to sit on a very floral themed couch. Waited, waited, waited more. After about a half an hour, I went up to the receptionist and was like “Hey, thought I had an appointment.” She assumed I was just hanging out on the couch waiting for someone. It smelled like old ladies in there and I wouldn’t be lounging around on my own free will. Gah! I’m kind of assuming she thought I was a boy. Neat.

She handed me this pink shirt thing and ushered me into a room. Awesome. Got naked, put it on. It was basically transparent. My nipple piercings were visible, my luxurious leg hair was all over the place. It was great.

Gyn. comes in like 20 minutes later and asks me if I use condoms or not. I sleep with girls, lady. “Girls have diseases, too.” And that was all she had to say about safe lesbian sex. I was astonished. I almost gave her a lecture on toy materials and dental dams and gloves and stuff. Then she said the only thing that would make my cramps better was birth control pills. I asked if she could just remove everything, but alas she said no. What a skank. She also acted like I had never seen a speculum before.

All in all, it was a super bad day to be any kind of manly. Sad, sad times.


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