Who Are You?

1. Who are you?

2. Where are you from?

3.  Why are you reading my blog?

4. Tell me something weird about you.


16 responses to “Who Are You?

  1. Hank

    I’m 22, and a queer gaysian butch fag top from Oakland, CA. I’m reading your blog because your videos are adorable and your hnt are fucking hot (more packing pictures please!). I’m super geeky and I blog about my favorite sport. Lastly I love curry and tacos and I have a soft spot/mortal fear of the south.

    • I’m 20ish but feel perpetually frozen at 17…I love my female body (and others’ female bodies…;p) but have always had a tendency to do ‘trans’
      things like binding (doing that since hs), no makeup, & uberbutch style (mostly for convenience…tits get in the way at the gym & I’m super lazy, so
      makeup is quick to go by the wayside). I’m originally from Wyoming but now reside in what is metropolitan Montana (that is said both in jest & truth…
      I live in Missoula, which is just about as queer-friendly as they come). I’m reading your blog cuz you intrigue me. Its rare that someone completely
      monopolizes my attention. I really like what you have to say & respect your courage to say it. Something weird…something weird…god,
      there’s so much to choose from…I’m an oboe-playing (I have a degree!!!) debate coach techie nerd fed employee with a penchant for spicy food & ginger girls…
      & I can juggle a basketball with my feet…so am I allowed in the club?
      ps: all this is to the soundtrack of The Radio Dept- Lost & Found…and I have ALWAYS carried a Leatherman (mostly for my bike)

  2. Zed

    1. I’m Zed.

    2. Born in Alabama but lived in Alaska,Arizona,California, Illinois…

    3. Saw a link on twitter. (me:http://twitter.com/wheeldog)

    4. I have a friend who calls me “Jack-O-Whack” because he says I remind him of a cross between Jack London and Jack Kerouac.

  3. 1. sxychikadee – most of my friends call me “chicky” and I like it. I’m a tomboy ultra femme who is much queerer than her appearance. I love football, strappy high heels, purple and my power tools. I’m a 30 yr old MILF and proud of it.

    2. We’ve discussed our respective unfortunate physical locations. (it’s the South, Hank)

    3. I read your blog because I think you are sexy and interesting.

    4. I love singing & dancing. The weird part: I teach my kids to perform for fun (not for public) and we all sing and dance in my living room. We are currently working up “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. We have a routine for “Canned Heat in my Heels” already down. 🙂

  4. Bex

    1. Who are you?
    Bex Lynn, full name not going online. A friend of Veronica’s, who introduced me to your blog and talks about you quite a lot. One of those lovely college conservatory kids who sings, dances, and acts like a complete loony in public for the sheer joy of it.

    2. Where are you from?
    Richmond, Virginia. All my life, unfortunately. Currently still in VA.

    3. Why are you reading my blog?
    Veronica introduced me; I find you incredibly interesting, from what she’s said about you. Also, your video reviews are completely charming. I like the mildly awkward coolness. ^^

    4. Tell me something weird about you.
    I dislocated my pinky yesterday? Oh, no, that’s no fun. Ummm… I have a pair of 7-inch platform shoes, a Matrix trenchcoat, and pink fuzzy handcuffs, just for the hell of it.

  5. My name is Fatima Frazão, I have 23 years. But the times I behaved like it was my mother …

    I’m Brazilian girl. I live in a city that seems to be the tower of Babel, São Paulo.

    I found your blog by blog account of a “Tea with Biscuits” – Chá com Bolachas http://blogdocha.blogspot.com
    This blog promotes a party for lesbians, which happens every month in Sao Paulo.

    Weird thing … Hmm since I was born, I know I hauahuah weird but harmless. As you can see my English is very weird o.O

  6. 1. Kenna. Gay girl from a gay family. My mother is terrifyingly butch. I am wading through the swamp of liberal arts college in Portland, OR.
    2. Texas: the most queer-friendly place in the country.
    3. It was recommended to me by Geek Porn Girl.
    4. I can hypnotize chickens and my first pet was a tiger cub for serious y’all.

  7. 1. Panthera Pardus. *gets her spankin hand ready*

    2. Southeastern NC, little bit south of you.

    3. I think Twitter, originally…

    4. I’m an incredible packrat and have problems throwing anything away.

  8. saemus

    1. Who are you?
    Old geek top guy.

    2. Where are you from?

    3. Why are you reading my blog?
    Don’t remember where I linked from, but
    fell in love with your presentations and

    4. Tell me something weird about you.
    Oh, hell, I don’t know…I’m in a minority.


  9. 1. Who are you?

    I’m Marilia, I’m 23 years old.

    2. Where are you from?

    I’m from Brazil, São Paulo, lived here for most of my life…Lived in Canada for 4 months in 2004.

    3. Why are you reading my blog?

    I found the link to your blog at another blog account called “Chá com Bolachas” (http://blogdocha.blogspot.com)

    Chá com Bolachas is a Lez party that happens every now and then, and they also have a blog to talk about Gay and Lez things, among other things…

    4. Tell me something weird about you.

    I’m very close to be considered a sex addicted…every time,anywhere..Love sex plays and anything that involves sex..

  10. MD

    1. Who are you?
    Morgan, transguy, well somewhere between the non-identifying gender-queer to transguy, no health insurance makes actual transition tough right now.

    2. Where are you from?
    originally san antonio, now im in boston, probably headed to DC soon.

    3. Why are you reading my blog?
    came across it from another blog, love reading about other trans identified experiences. that and im starting a blog about my transition pretty soon and am doing ‘research’ (not really research so much as i just like to read)

    4. Tell me something weird about you.
    i am 23 and still have a baby blanket.

  11. J.D., 27 year old queer fat femme dyke from Philly. I work with HotMoviesForHer.com and read blogs all the time. Found yours on Twitter/Pleasurists and wanted to take a looksie. Also, I like other people’s stories. Something weird about me – When I didn’t have a demo butt to use in an anal sex workshop, I made one out of old corduroy, a sock and elastic. It worked really well.

  12. scintillectual

    Scintillectual. Old enough to be your mom, hot enough to be a MILF. Live in Taxachussets. Found your blog through Roxy’s Uncommon Curiosity and identified with you since my ex-fiancé/now lover/possibly future husband/who knows is trans. When we met he was Peter Pan trapped in a 40 year old female physique. Now he’s 3 years into transition, 2 years on T, had his top surgery, waiting for insurance approval to have his plumbing removed and finally growing up. Me? I have two uvulas. Yeah, the thing in the back of your throat.

  13. northbound2loop

    I am Northbound2Loop.

    I am originally from Chicago, but am in my third year in the arctic tundra known as Syracuse, NY

    Why am I reading this blog? Something about it is drawing me in. You seem interesting and real. Your posts have meaning. I was originally linked via Vimeo as I watched your product review of packy.

    Something weird…I’m a bisexual woman who really loves gay man porn. LOVE IT!

  14. 1. Who Are You?

    lol thats a loaded question. Let’s see: My name is Sarah/Sarai, (I will answear to ethier.) I am a Queer Femme that is starting to step outta the closet. I am attracted to Butch Females And Trans Males..(and no, I do not conflate the 2.) I am into BDSM as a switch…(hence the nic name. and I am a practicing Pagan.) I am 34 yrs old.

    2.Where are you from? I am from the weird state in the US that looks like a Mitten, otherwise known as Michigan. Born and Raised. And still living here.

    3. Why are you reading my blog? Discovered it thru Geek Porn Girl’s blog. Became intrigued.

    4.Tell me something weird about you? lol…..Hmm so many things..what to pick?! I love crossing my eyes at people when they eat. I love Shock Value. I detest recieving oral sex. lol. That’s all I can think for now……

  15. tsinohpoxas

    Who am I? That is an informed question but one difficult to answer. I am myself. I’m still deciding on who I am after 19 years of living; I haven’t even chosen a name for myself.

    I am from Texas.

    I found your blog by chance but I’m glad I did! It’s nice to read about other people like me.

    Something weird about me? Personally I prefer the term eccentric because weird implies that there is something wrong with you. Well, I can play two saxophones at the same time; does that count?

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