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2 responses to “6.29.10

  1. Congrats on starting T soon! As far as coming out goes… I ended up coming out at work before I came out to my family. I told the office manager that I needed to speak with her privately and we spoke. I was nervous as hell, pale and shaky, but somehow I managed it. Helped that she was supportive and wanted to do the right thing by me.

    When it came to my family, I agonized for many months about how to come out to my parents. I had a self-imposed deadline which was when my mom was flying back into the country after visiting relatives. I had talked with my counselor about the best way for me to come out to my family and I decided to write a letter to my mom, just in case I couldn’t do it in person or the opportunity didn’t present itself. My mom was too exhausted to do much in terms of talking, ended up passing out on my couch. So I ended up slipping the letter into her suitcase before she left in the morning. I think that was probably the best thing for us, mainly because neither of us had to deal with the raw emotions in front of each other. I still have the letter.

    Hope this helps.

  2. wow. wow.. that’s very cool. I hope you get more time off and I hope T works out excellently for you.

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