Ok. So there’s really nothing to update. I should be hearing back about a job by the end of the week. Super jealous of all of you going to the NY Sex Blogger Calendar Party. Sleep is hard to come by. Making friends is extremely difficult. Finished crocheting a strap for my ukulele. I am breathing.

HNT (Half Naked Thursday, although its more like an NT this week):

I feel like posting one. It’s been a while. Sorry to my real life friends who read my blog.




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4 responses to “Update/HNT

  1. I am also looking for a job, jealous of those able to go to the Calender event, and have trouble sleeping.

    We’re internetz brothers!

  2. Kaitlin

    I’m glad you decided to post something =) sorry to hear sleep is still not working for you.

  3. You are lovely and I agree, making friends is very difficult.

  4. …hot.

    that is all.

    and sincerely, best of luck with everything. i’ll be facing post-college soon and i’m kinda scared 😡

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