Trick Belt: Follow up

So. I’ve been thinking… and you know how badly that can turn out. Hah. Ok. Actually, this was a good brainstorming day. Turns out, you can put both your wrists and ankles in the Trick Belt from Leatherbeaten (thanks to Jess for tying me up. <3) . Holy crap. Best thing ever. Everybody NEEDS one.

I could not move to save my life. I was left rolling around on the floor. It was ridiculous.



and a close up for your enjoyment. (please excuse the hairy toes and whatnot)

can't move AT ALL

and in case you’ve forgotten, this is my review from earlier, and you can get your own belt here.



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6 responses to “Trick Belt: Follow up

  1. The pictures sold me. I officially NEED a trick belt. O_O

  2. Observe… and let my mind wander onto allllll the terrible, horrible, naughty things I could do to you in that state. 😀

  3. kennner

    mmm. kinda hot.

  4. jen

    how come we never used your belt? what the hell wer we thinkging.

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