Vodpod videos no longer available.

Trot on down to Tabu Toys for your very own Snugglepuss and other toys that may tickle your fancy!




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18 responses to “Snugglepuss

  1. Before my blog….this was one of the toys I was trying to find reviews on. This was a year ago, before the wave of toy reviewing became status quo. I’m glad that I am awful at choosing and making decisions, and decided to hold off on buying it.
    Everybody I read says it’s not strong enough. And if it’s not strong enough for the general populous, I know I’d be all “what…it’s vibrating?” lol
    It IS sad! It is such a unique design. Kinda like the we-vibe. These manufacturers need to fuckin step up the vibes, man.

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  7. I also found the Snugglepuss disappointing. It was such an intriguing visual, and seemed self-sufficient; put it in place and use your hands to explore pleasures elsewhere! The sensations were weak and dull, without variation. I suppose I could hack it someday — open it up, re-wire it, program it to have pulsation and escalation. It’d still be weak, though.

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  12. kit

    You’re supposed to roll the skin down like the packaging says!

    Batteries don’t drain when stored.

    Agreed, this is a weaker vibration that you’d need for a true hands-free experience.

    Are you sleepy?

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