Sexy Blogger? Me?

Well damn! Thanks Dee and Sweetspiced!


Mmmkay, now down to business. In exchange for this award, I must repost, list 5 “sexy” things about myself, and then nominate 4 others to do the same.

1. My collarbones. There’s just something about the visibility of those two bones that is super attractive to me. Just a reminder of what we’re really made of.

2. When my teeth sink into your skin.

3. When I’m pinning you to the floor.

4. My hands are magical.

5. Leg hair? It’s fun to pet? (I couldn’t think of anything else, sorry.)

My Nominations:

1. SxyChickadee: She’s really freakin’ sexy (hence the name, right?).

2. Panthera Pardus likes to spank and is pretty sexy, too.

3. Essin’ Em = sexy + super smart.

4. Kyle and his stories and butchness are quite the sexy time, as well.

and one more because I can’t help myself.

5. Jezebelle is sexy too. I mean, look at those HNT’s.

The rest of you are equally sexy. I wish I could have listed you all. Maybe one day that will happen. ā¤



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2 responses to “Sexy Blogger? Me?

  1. thanks for the loop back, buddy, but I’m the one who passed it on to Sweetspice šŸ™‚

    I like your list and magical hands is a very very good thing to have šŸ™‚

  2. thebellandcollar

    Aww thanks! I’ve been so out of it that I missed this , do I re post on my blog now?

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