Packing Strap

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Early to Bed will happily supply you with your very own PACKING STRAP, if you so desire!



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20 responses to “Packing Strap

  1. How sad! Those are some serious issues. I hope you find one that works eventually…

  2. The sound was really low for me.. I’ll have to listen again with my headphones, because I’m very interested in your comments.. though from your facial expressions you weren’t blown away by the product.

  3. Hadn’t even thought about the riding up, yeah, that kind of kills it for me. Guess I’ll just keep snuggling it up against my body under my briefs for now as well.

    Thanks for the very honest and informative review, that’s what I’m looking for. kudos.

  4. I quite like this strap. I don’t find that it rides, but I like tight briefs, that might be the ticket. You’re right that it’s not suitable for big packies. It really is best suited for the Mr. Right packer. I’ve predominantly used it with a small packy, but the pouch is a little too large for it so the shaft doesn’t bend down quite right. Not STP-friendly. Anyway, I am a fan of this Aslan strap.

  5. Maybe it rides up on me because I bike a lot and basically never sit still. *shrugs*

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