Microfantasy Monday #13

Theme: Travel.

(Please forgive me in advance. I barely ever write. It’s never great.)

I was driving her home. Stereo blasting. Streetlights flying by the windows. Nighttime blurred into silence. Her face maintained a constant smile. A smile of mischief. It’s rarely a good sign.

Just as I realized she was up to something, her hand was moving towards my thigh. Then the button of my jeans. My zipper. Nimble fingers. The warmth inside.

All I could do was hold my breath. Shift gears.



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5 responses to “Microfantasy Monday #13

  1. Keep it up. Next time don’t apologize.


  2. woohoo!!! great start, Erin.. mmm and I know that feeling 🙂

    and yeah, you don’t need to apologize for your writing. Just keep it up..

  3. Wonderful! Glad you tried it out.

    I hope you keep it up.

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