Mr. Bendy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Always learn about what materials you’re dealing with! Super important to know.

Purchase your own Mr. Bendy from Babeland by clicking THIS LINK!

or click here



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17 responses to “Mr. Bendy

  1. That looks great, although the smiley face freaks me out a little. Cute review, as always!

  2. ansleyagnello

    I really like the green background.. you look good against it. And as for Mr. Bendy.. looks like a lot of fun. Next time we meet, we’ll have to give it a BJ/fuck test. If you want to. Just sayin’.

  3. It’s a great toy that I’ve always been fond of. There are very few pack and play options available to those that don’t want to deal with phthalate issues, and this one is squishy and lovely.

    The “Mr. Bendy” is made by Vibratex, responsible for the well known and loved Rabbit Habbit vibrator and, if memory serves, the Hitachi as well. It’s run by some really great gals, too!

  4. thebellandcollar

    You really should see Burn after reading, SUPER funny movie. (and super fucked up)
    Great review! I had no idea that it could hold the shape you bend it into, thats awesome.

  5. WOW! I guess I didn’t realize it would hold a bend that well. Thanks for the video!! 🙂

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