Just Wondering


Who are you?

Where are you from?

Why do you read my blog?

Tell me one strange thing about you.



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10 responses to “Just Wondering

  1. Hello.
    I’m Miss KissThis.
    I’m from California.
    You started following me on Twitter so I found your blog and started reading it.
    I still read it because you’re entertaining.
    One strange thing about me: both of my elbows are double-jointed.

  2. HI!
    -I’m Jezebelle
    -I’m from central Florida
    -Because your awesome, and super funny to boot
    -I was trained in classical Ballet for about nine years. I never took it to the professional level because I have a bad sickle foot, and I would hurt myself a lot. This also lead up to my bad back. It also just wasn’t me. I much prefer belly dance! =D

  3. Hi. ! 🙂
    I’m Beautiful Dreamer
    I’m from Ohio.
    Because your video reviews make me happy and I love your blog posts.
    I have to put the left sock on first.

  4. Hellllooooo.
    I’m Toygirl.
    I’m from Pittsburgh (GO STEELERS!), but I currently go to school in Boston.
    I read your blog because your video reviews are super special awesome.
    One strange thing about me is that my esophagus doesn’t actually work.

  5. Heya,

    I’m Sienna.

    I’m from…er everywhere would best describe it.

    Because I stumbled on it ages ago and keep coming back for the funnies.

    Strange thing about me is that I can wiggle each toe separately without moving any other part of my foot.

  6. Jen

    I’m Jen
    From Sacramento, Ca
    I started reading you because i found you (or you found me) on twitter.
    Strange thing – I can stand my food touching on my plate…

  7. Hey there!

    I’m Dee, and I’m from New Zealand.

    I read your blog because I found you through The Pleasurists round-ups, and really enjoyed your reviews.

    Something strange: I have very weird dents in my head. I’d look terribly odd if I ever shaved my hair off.

  8. Heys. 🙂

    I’m Panthera Pardus, and I’m from North Carolina.

    I found ya through twitter, I think, and you have some fun and quirky stuff going on. The Lil John/kid’s show mashup sticks in my head.

    Something strange: Man. There’s lots. I’m an absolute freak for horror movies. Love ’em. Bad, good, doesn’t matter.

  9. maddy

    you tuyo review was hilarious – link found in facebook

  10. Zed

    I’m Zed, I’m from Alabama, USA. I found you through twitter, I read your blog because it is funny and interesting, and… I used to be a cowboi out in Arizona. I used to ride horses and rope cows while listening to Punk Rock on my walkman. I call myself a cowpunk. lol

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