Honorary Cat Installation

Yes, yes, I know Its Thursday and I’m not naked or half naked or anything, but I feel like there should be a cat picture. Just found out that she has kidney failure and doesn’t have a whole lot of time left. Poor baby.




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5 responses to “Honorary Cat Installation

  1. Jen

    awww kitty….(((hugs)))

  2. I’m really sorry 😦

    I just recently lost a kitty and I know how much it sucks.

  3. Toygirl

    Oh no, poor thing! I’m so sorry. 😦

  4. ansleyagnello

    Oh nooooo. I loved that cat.. especially when it tried to help me learn how to crochet. :’-(

  5. Oh no! =( I just lost my cat not long ago, she got out and never came home. (hugs)

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