Typical new years rant.

I’m hoping that 2009 will be better.

Did rather enjoy new years eve though. Kidnapped by a good friend. Went to DC. Didn’t pay for anything except a metro ticket and gas. Didn’t get carded at bars (first time ever).  Rode atop 5 full grown men in a random woman’s car. Sung at people walking on the streets. Hung out with cast and crew of Legally Blonde the musical. Got away with using the men’s room (not one strange look came my way). Rode the metro. A lot. Froze my ass off. Free mini hamburgers. Free shots. Free champagne. Got drunk with Condoleezza Rice by association (she was at a bar moments before we were). Talked about theatre till 3:30 AM. Went to Ikea. Had sweedish meatballs. Sang loudly in the car. Sweeny Todd at a local theatre.

Good times. Goddamn. Good times.

As for resolutions that I will never accomplish…

0. Grow a backbone. Learn to say no.

1. Get off ass and excersize.

2. Get a steady job.

3. Save goddamn money.

4. Call friends.

5. Move.

6. More tattoos.

7. Grow out all hair that is not on my head.

8. Get to know myself better.

9. Don’t be a bum.



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2 responses to “Typical new years rant.

  1. ansleyagnello

    I’m glad you had fun. I hope I’m somewhere in your plans for the New Year. :-/

  2. Sounds like a good time! 🙂

    Good luck with all of your resolutions!

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