Laya Spot

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Get your own Laya Spot from Babeland by clicking THIS LINK!




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23 responses to “Laya Spot

  1. Toygirl

    I love my LayaSpot, too! Cute review, as always.

  2. ansleyagnello

    I love the dinosaurs.. and your hair! Great review! ❤

  3. Wilhelmina

    Eee, dinosaurs! And looks like a sweet vibrator, too

  4. Yay Dinosaurs!
    I just went onto Facebook to reply to that message you sent me ages ago, and you were gone ! Oh where oh where did you go? Also, I finally got my toy blog up, im working on a review now =3

    Sorry for hijacking your post!
    PS happy new year!

    PSS : shoot me an email , im horrid about checking back at these

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  8. I love my Layaspot (although yours looks much cooler in black – mine is a bizarre magenta and blue colour). Great review!

    xx Dee

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  17. I just saw your review! Uber cute & love the dinosaurs.
    My Layaspot is Elastomed- not silicone. Did they change this recently? If so- Awesome! Silicone is always better. 🙂 Great review!

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