Oh Boy?

So that’s twice in a week that I’ve been mistaken for a boy. Yes, I do look like a 14 year old boy, and yes, I do shop in the boys section (just got an awesome Frankenstein hoodie), and yes, I do think and act like a boy, and yes, I do find it incredibly entertaining. I’ve gotten to the point where it doesn’t phase me in the least. I kind of just go along with it. Secretly, I like it. But really. I have pink glasses and boobs (they are not so easy to hide). Most boys don’t have those. Just sayin.

In other news, I am starting to review for the lovely ladies at Babeland (they’re awesome by the way) and uh nothing else is really exciting right now. EXCEPT Ansley is coming to see me! And we’re going to see Connor Oberst. And she’s meeting my parents? AHHhioaeihflkajewfhlhasdfkjhasd.

OH. And next month we’re off to NYC. Heheh. Woo. Can’t wait.



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5 responses to “Oh Boy?

  1. ansleyagnello

    Very excited about seeing you and meeting the parents. 5 days!

  2. I’m following you now. I’ve been stopping by from time to time. Just wanted to say hi!!

  3. I have a friend who had that same problem. She solved it by wearing a small stand of pearls around her neck with almost every outfit , and a pair of cute punky earrings. Made her look instantly fem!

    Good luck with your parents!

  4. Heheh. Can you see me wearing pearls? I miss you. And thanks.

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