Imagine this.

This morning I was sleeping. My phone keeps ringing. I hate phones. I throw it under a pillow and go back to sleep. Next thing I know, there is someone frantically knocking on my door. The door of my bedroom, not the door to my apartment. My bedroom. I’m confused. Who broke in? What’s going on? It is my mother. What the hell? I thought I moved far enough away so this would NEVER happen. Apparently not. She was called to work in a school nearby, so she decided to come over. She asked the landlady person to let her in. Umm. Ok. Is that legal? I’m in my batman underwear. I’m still confused. I’m still half asleep but I stumble out to the couch and introduce her to my new cat etc. She wants to know why I haven’t picked up my phone and if she can use the bathroom. She wants me to come home. She asks me if I have anything to drink. I don’t. And then she leaves.


What the fuck?



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3 responses to “Imagine this.

  1. wow….that is SO something my mom would do!

  2. Ansley

    Rawr. Lo siento.

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