A few days ago I finally got around to going to my nearest local toy store (Priscillas). I was pretty damn disappointed. Most of the things they were selling were jokes, bad costumes, and poorly thought out toys made of less than healthy materials (see picture). There were a few creepy old men as well. It kind of reminded me of a very bad Kmart. The only up side to this store was their wide variety of lube. Still not impressed. Stuff like this makes me appreciate the internet and stores like Passional that actually know about what they are selling. Last week when my girlfriend and I were in Philly, we ventured out to find this store that she had researched. Just a hole in the wall kind of place, but once through the doors it was a different story. It was a tidy happy little place with a nice selection of toys in the front room. We were greeted with a friendly welcome and not barraged with questions concerning our age. There was another room that smelled deliciously like leather and contained the majority of their bondage fun. They even had an upstairs with an art exhibit and more advanced bondage options (masks, body suits, electrodes, medical devices?) and a swing set up in the middle of it all. Lovely, lovely, lovely. A few blocks down the road, we visited another branch of their store that was more so dedicated to wearable articles. Yet again a friendly greeting and an invitation to a party later in the evening. They had a beautiful array of corsets and latex outfits and even assless chaps. I recommend checking them out next time you’re around Philly. 


Documentation of the most ridiculous thing ever from Priscillas. This is my “oh my god what the fuck” face. Enjoy.


As big as my whole body.

As big as my whole body.


ps: I swear I’m not 12 years old…



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5 responses to “Stores

  1. ansleyagnello

    AH! I love you. Sillyface.

  2. Hahaha, oh my god Priscillas…. I went in there once, and like you, totally regretted it. BUT! If you go further down the street, there is a pretty nice sex toy shop called Taboo ( Its a cute store, and all of the employees are girls, which is SO nice, no awkward stares. Its a little pricey, but they do have some nice stuff.

  3. Yeah I’ve heard better things about Taboo. Might wander over there today and see what it’s all about. Thanks for reminding me. ❤

  4. No prob! and if that fails, there is always my sex toy lady Martha. You should totally throw a sex toy party!

  5. Taboo is great, go check it out!

    and like you said….Pricilla’s is a bit o’ cheese.

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